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Mexican lacquered hand painted gourds

Guajes are a type of gourd that are traditionally grown for their practical purposes rather than their nutritional properties. Since pre-hispanic period, they were mainly used as containers for conserving cool water, but their real value lies in their unique and delicate craftsmanship. Tecomaque is a collective of young Nahuatecos from St. Martin Tecorrales, State of Guerrero, which seeks, beyond facing the massive emigration that affects their community, perpetuating the traditional technique of lacquer application on gourd surfaces. They hand-manufacture the whole process from beginning to end: growing gourds, emptying the fruit, manufacturing colors (from plants, flowers, chia seed oil and minerals), cutting, designing, lacquering and painting. This allows the addition of an artistic value, on top of the practical value of the piece.

Crafstmen's diary - Colectivo Tecomaque