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Hamaca de Sansevieria 

Mexican hammock made from natural fibers of sansevieria plants

In the Yucatán Peninsula, there is no one who does not sleep - at least for the « siesta » - between the soft threads and the protection provided by the fabric of a hammock. Nowadays, cotton or nylon are being used more frequently to make hammocks and have replaced those made of henequen or sansevieria : such modernization has historically impacted the socio-economic pattern of the traditional life and practices in the Peninsula. However, there are still prodigious artisan hands, like those of the Villajuana Family, which preserve the ancient wisdom of weaving hammocks with fibers of indigenous origin and tradition. This art of weaving hammocks has been passed down through the generations : Elena Manzano de Villajuana, matriarch of the family, was the one who transmitted to her daughters the art and the traditional techniques of making sansevieria hammocks. Thanks to the methodology that these women dominate and the skills required to weave the hammocks, each piece they make is a work of art, and these creations have become not only an important local economic resource, but are environmentally sustainable.

Crafstmen's diary - The Villajuana family