Hecho a mano
con amor

El Bule 

Gourds decorated with yarn

Witness to the colonization on Mexican territory, the Wixárika people remain one of the few pre-Hispanic communities that has preserved their identity to this day. Their cosmovision is characterized by a parallelism between creation and ephemerality, a mythology primarily governed by symmetry. Caves in western Mexico have revealed pictographs testifying the geometric order that the Wixáritari have assigned to the universe. The bule, named "o kãye" by the Wixáritari, is a dry gourd used to contain and transport water. In offerings, the bule is ornamented with flaura and fauna patterns, hand-made with cotton threads, but this know-how goes beyond the simple intention of imitating nature: the geometric forms shaped around the bule give this everyday object a votive meaning. Artistic hands freeze the analogies and balance of the world with beeswax.

Crafstmen's diary - Wixárika tradition