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Huipil Betaza 

The Huipil is the most essential and traditional garment worn by indigenous women from ancient Mesoamerica (Central America et Mexico). The particularity of this loose-fitting tunic has been recognized in many museums around the world.

Today, many indigenous communities of Mexico continue to wear Huipils. Their patterns and intricate handweaving techniques speak of a special significance related to the history of each community, and more specifically to each woman who wears it.

In San Melchor Betaza, a Zapotec town in the Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca, traditional huipil is still worn by the women, this long white V-neck cotton has diamond-shaped figures known as butterflies. The huipil and refajo are fastened with a palm soyate that serves as a belt for heavy work, which is covered with a red colored fabric handmade on a loom and dyed with cochineal.

  • Huipil Betaza
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