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Tortilleros de Henequén 

Baskets made from natural fibers of Henequen plants

The state of Yucatán is identified with henequen: its cultivation in this area has been used since pre-Hispanic period. It was always cultivated by the Mayans, until in the 19th century it was moved to the farms to be exported after its industrial transformation. It was the backbone of the Yucatecan economy during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th. Huge fortunes were accumulated, fruit of its industrialization and cultivation. Yucatan, which was a poor state, was reborn with the so-called "green gold", becoming one of the richest States in Mexico. The arrival of synthetic fibers hit the henequen industry with a death sentence. Today, most of the fiber is obtained from the industrial shredders that passed into the hands of cooperatives, and in several parts henequen plants have been replanted. In spite of all this, the craft from the fiber wans't lost. These tortilleros are hand made by Izamal craftsmen and dyed with plants, flowers and rinds.