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Candelabro Paloma 

Wooden candle holder

Pajapan is an indigenous community located on the slopes of the San Martín Pajapan volcano, where more than 1,500 hectares of tropical jungle and cloud forest are to be found. In 2003, the “Agua y Monte” cooperative, made of seven Nahua carpenters, was born with a double objective: to find an alternative to improve the economic situation of families and to protect the jungle of the San Martín Pajapan volcano. Agua y Monte artisans make small objects using local cocuite wood (Gliricidia sepium), abundant and fast growing. The crafts are made manually, each piece is sanded until obtaining the desired shape and quality and the finish is done with beeswax, avoiding the use of varnishes and sealants. Because Agua y Monte is also committed to protecting the jungle of the San Martín Pajapan volcano, the wood is produced in a sustainable way through reforestation actions established by the members of the cooperative.

  • Candelabro Paloma
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