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Muñecas de papier-mâché 

Mexican dolls made of papier-mâché

"Cardboard is another one of those materials that can be transformed into interesting Arts and crafts. Shredded, mixed with a binder and made into paste, it can be used to create a myriad of toys of different shapes and sizes, according to the whim of the manufacturer: masks, dolls, rattles, piñatas, toritos and the famous Judas figures commonly found during Lent. The classic dolls with articulated legs and arms are still considered priceless objects whose power of illusion advantageously replaces in the hands of poor children, the porcelain toys with Golden locks and moving eyes of the rich little girls. Even if these objects are produced in large numbers, each individual toy is still undeniably a work of art on account of its many details. Folk artists always lend careful attention to each individual creation, with an eye for detail in terms if its form, its emotional power of expression, whether dramatic or satirical, and the admirability realistic effects they often achieve, even when using rather conventional materials and colors."

Francisco Javier Hernández