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Bolsa de Ixtle 

Bag made from agave fibers

Ixtle products (from the agave plant) were common throughout Mexico until the middle of the 20th century. But starting in the 1970s, ixtle fell out of fashion in favor of plastic products,  which are less expensive and faster to produce. Ixtle fiber is now making a comeback as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It typically takes eight to fifteen years before a maguey plant is mature enough to be cut for ixtle, and the amount of ixtle that can sustainably be extracted from the maguey determines how many items can be created. Our bags are made by the Chiquihuitillo community in San Luis Potosí, a highland area that is a refuge for great natural diversity.

  • Bolsa de Ixtle - Large
    65,00 €
  • Bolsa de Ixtle - Large
    45,00 €