Forging and welding are crafts that appeared in Mexico during the Conquest thanks to the cultural exchanges between Mesoamerican people and Spanish. Nowadays, like in many other sectors, the Industry has grown and allowed manufactured iron a massive presence in the everyday products in Mexico.

In these circumstances, artisans needed to rethink new uses and new pieces where creativity and estheticism would win a new place in the market. That’s how the « Milagros » were born, with a religious aspect: they are small figures handmade in tinplate, copper, silver or even in gold used by the catholic as a gift or offering. 

Cross, hands, eyes, but mostly hearts are shaped with chisel and hammer like the hold way. Milagros are a reminder for the Virgins and the Saints about a special request, showing how Mexican people seek refuge and hope in faith. 

Our Milagros reflect a master tin plate forging ability from the Valdés family workshop in Oaxaca, but we also wanted to put forward new ideas mixing different skilled craftsmanships to remind the religious origin of these objets, that’s why the Rodriguez family from Puebla, master palm weaver craftswomen, also participated in this creative pairing. Using beaucarea palm, they framed the mirrors with Passion Sunday designs in order to offer a new design to the Milagros.